Olga Timoshenko Dress Dance-Presentation

February 20, 2019

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 I had an idea to combine our dress models with dance. There are many feelings in the women's movement. Moscow ballet dancer Olga Timoshenko responded to my proposal and danced a few dances for our project.

 The first video is the presentation of the dress "Revolution".

It seems to me that women are the cause of everything in the world. All changes and significant moments of fate take place because of them. For me, a woman is a symbol of life, admiration, changes, and discoveries. Sometimes a change after meeting a woman can be very revolutionary.
“Revolution” is all about change and freedom.
There is a picture by Eugene Delacroix “La Liberté Guidant le Peuple”, in which the woman personifies the dream of freedom born in a stormy revolutionary time, bringing changes to life.

And the colors of the French revolution are blue for freedom, red for fraternity, and white is a symbol of independence and purity that came from the supporters of Jeanne d'Arc.
I chose blue and red, and may the woman in this dress be a white symbol.

Our clothes bring changes to life. It’s doubtless. We wish that those changes would be beautiful, full of freedom and independence, and may like-minded people be around you!
 The second video is the presentation of the dress "Wingbeat".

The initial sketches of this dress seemed to me very aggressive. And I called it "Wasp" probably because of the combination of contrast and stripes. I thought that this dress was meant for a purposeful and avant-garde femme fatale.

Later in the work process, I began to feel that more and more lightness and flight were being manifested in it. The stripes began to resemble wings. I asked a ballet girl to try it on and dance. During the dance, the dress fluttered freely and it looked like she was flying up. Then I decided to change the name to "Wingbeat".

 The third video is the presentation of the dress "Octahedron".

“Octahedron” is the first dress from the “Geometry” series. I'm looking for new rhythms that reflect our time. New structures and forms continuously appear around us, they penetrate into our life, filling it with new meanings. We can see and know much more than before. We are moving, relying on new opportunities. Our brain is changing. Where is that border, connecting the old and the new, what has been passed and what is just beginning? By asking these questions, one can find endless opportunities for experimentation.



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