Natalia Krempich (Tallin, Estonia )

This is something unreal !!!  I like everything in this skirt!  I just fell in love with her!  A bunch of details, colors, folds ... And she rustles mysteriously and somehow “sits” very right just below the waist.  I don’t know why, but when I put it on, I immediately realized that it was so right, as comfortable as possible, I immediately felt very relaxed and harmonious.  Yes, the most important thing is the feeling !!!  And I feel SO in it SO, SO ... Oh, magical!  This is how I feel!  This skirt is vol-sheb-naya, as I tell you!  Thanks a lot to the creators of this masterpiece, now I want to wear it always!  It will be a little strange, so ... what else do you have there?))

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‎Natalia Airy Timoshenko‎ (Moscow Russia)

Squareroot5's clothing is clothing pierced by the wind of city streets, the rustle of rain on the roofs of pagodas and the bright sun of the hot jungle. She combined the sophisticated lines of Asian architecture and contemporary Russian art. These are things created to fall in love and fall in love at first sight.

Recently, I became the proud owner of a Squareroot5 Samurai girl skirt and there is no limit to my delight. This is a dream skirt! An original and comfortable cut, suitable for any type of figure, excellent quality of fabric and an incredible space pattern - this is what makes the Samurai girl skirt an art object that has embodied in the form of clothes.

I thank the Squareroot5 team for creating incredible images and wish to continue to delight us with our creations!

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Maria-Henrietta musician (Israel)

Hi, my name is Hen and I love designer clothes. When I saw the Squareroot5 "samurai skirt", it took my breath away - I WANT!
The skirt did not disappoint. It’s sewn exactly according to my height, you can "fit" on the waist and hips, excellent cotton fabric (I ordered cotton, because the heat in Israel), the print is made very high quality.
Probably the brightest thing in my already extraordinary wardrobe. Thank you very much, I am delighted ❤

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‎Zhenya Haidukov‎ (Israel)

I got a new dress !!! It is impossible to imagine my delight and joy. I was struck by the crazy energy of these drawings and colors, it causes some kind of sensation from the movie "The Fifth Element" - all I have to do is fly cars, wild plants and aliens. It is always inspiring when you find things that are made with sincerity and passion. It is very transmitted, through color, movement, through the quality of stitches. I noticed that when you find something like this it gives one more impetus - to relax, move, not to be afraid of anything, to do something unique. Thanks a lot. 😌

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Galina Domorada (Riga, Latvia)

At the Riga seaside the air is fresh .... and I am walking. :) not only the weather creates a wonderful mood. as well as the wonderful Squareroot5 Samurai-girl skirt. Thank you for the mood and beauty

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Inna Vijenska (Riga, Latvia )

Today, my special joy is the long-awaited Samurai skirt, won in a competition from Squareroot5. Photography - with us from the windy Jurmala resort.

We immediately liked each other very much. The skirt gently caresses my legs, fluttering with each movement, and I can not look away from her cosmic patterns. So they spent the day in admiration for each other. That's because there are things that immediately become like a second skin - an extension of myself ...

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Vel Vel (Israel, Ramat Gan)

I needed a year !!! Now I really want a dress.))) You are the best !!

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