"Dolphin" dress Collection header. Squareroot5 wear 2018 Designer dresses for creative women
Sometimes a model appears as the result of an impression or feelings emerged from the encounter with some event. Once I saw a girl standing on the seashore and peering into the distance. I tried to understand what she was looking at, and I realized that she was looking at a school of dolphins that were splashing nearby. At that moment, I thought about a dress she might be wearing at this moment. It should be probably something light, fluttering in the wind, and maybe with some slight hint of love for the sea and the dolphins she sees in the distance. So that this girl could wave her hand to them and shout: “I am already here, I have come!” And they would notice her and approach very close without fear.


 After extensive research, our size chart was updated in 2015. We believe the sizing better matches and meets the body of today's modern woman.
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Squareroot5 Size Chart
 If your size is slightly different to the measurements provided in the Table, please send us a message with your precise measurements at the time of placing the order. We shall do our best to accommodate your individuality. If we require additional information, we shall contact you as soon as we can.
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  • height
  • weight
  • chest (measured at the fullest (female) part)
  • waist (measured at the belly-button line)
  • hips (measured at the widest point, not just at your hips)
  • age