Moscow MARHI Shooting 2018

September 10, 2018

Squareroot5 Marhi Dresses for creative women shooting Blog Cover

  Moscow Architectural Institute (MArhI) is a very picturesque place. Filled with beautiful creative people. Living interiors and audiences in which the research,  art, and creation lives. Since our project is positioning itself as “Dresses for creative women” we tried to integrate our models into this beautiful environment and see what could happen.
Dark blue long dress. Organic avant-garde clothes with geometric pattern. stairway
 “Octahedron” is the first dress from the “Geometry” series. We are looking for new rhythms, echoing our time. New structures and forms constantly appear around us, they penetrate into our life filling it.
Experimenta ultramarine long dress "Octahedron" with long sleeves. Organic avant-garde clothes. stairway
 Futuristic, avant-garde and asymmetrical long dress “Revolution” is one of our last discoveries. It is very unusual, and you will definitely feel it wearing it. This is a combination of simplicity and courage, achromaticity and color, freedom, innovation, and movement.
Long Geometrical and Futuristic dress "Octahedron" Squareroot5 shooting MArhI 2018
 Dress “Octahedron” model "LBG" 2018
Long  Futuristic and avantgarde dress "Revolution" Squareroot5 shooting MArhI 2018
 Dress "Revolution" Eugene Delacroix has a picture of “La Liberté Guidant le people”, on which the woman is born in a stormy revolutionary time, the dream of freedom, bringing changes to life. And the colors of the French revolution are blue — freedom, red — fraternity, and white — a symbol of independence and purity that came from the supporters of Jeanne d'Arc. left blue and red, and let the woman in this dress be a symbol of white.
Long avant-garde long geometric dress "Cosmic tetris" model "Orange Green" Designer dresses for creative women by Squareroot5 wear . Architectural Institute shot. Interior
 Long Summer avant-garde sports-style dress with short sleeves "Cosmic Tetris"



 After extensive research, our size chart was updated in 2015. We believe the sizing better matches and meets the body of today's modern woman.
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Squareroot5 Size Chart
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