Raffle of a skirt "Samurai-Girl"

July 02, 2016

Raffle of a skirt

 In this month, the anniversary of the beginning of our project, we decided to raffle of a skirt "Samurai girl" (as in the photo) and instead of it to find some new honest likes..In order that-be to take part in this you need to put the Like on Squareroot5 page, leave a comment to this post: "participating" and share it in your timeline.July 7 using a random number generator we define the winner. The process of identification will be captured on video and published in the tape, and the skirt will go to the winner...
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squareroot5 skirt samurai-girl Ruffle of

Each of your re-post and your kind responses have helped to bring our project a small step forward and so we thank you very much! This publication has been seen by nearly 50,000 people which made us realize that this was a great way to find the like-minded people.

The skirt eventually went to Inna V who lives in Riga, Latvia. Meanwhile, we promise to have similar competitions in the future 


For me it was such a pleasant surprise to see that you were interested in what we create. I thought only 10-15 people would respond but in the course of two days more than 300 people signed up to our site! Thank you so much and your feedback is very important to me.

There were many assumptions and thoughts at the beginning of the project, and one of them was the desire to combine the feminine beauty with a bright flash of colour and unusual shapes.

Our aim is to introduce the uncommon, moving and vivid images to the urban environment so that - at least for a few seconds - the onlooker’s imagination will be captured and freed from the familiar "greyness" and indifference. We want to be bright, cheerful and completely avant-garde!

Unfortunately, we do not have the sufficient production capacity as of yet, and we do not really want to manufacture our creations in a conveyer style. This is a project where we want to realize our creative ideas and bring them to you individually. I'm not a businessman and having completely abandoned the idea of mass marketing and advertisement, I want our project to remain a creative laboratory for exclusive artistic designs.

Of course, we are more than happy to share the results with you! Our garments are still quite expensive to make but we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our production and reduce the costs – and I am sure we shall succeed!
If you would like any of our creations, please contact us and we will make them for you.

Thank you for your interest and support!



 After extensive research, our size chart was updated in 2015. We believe the sizing better matches and meets the body of today's modern woman.
If you have any questions, please write us a message in the facebook chat, or send mail to: squareroot5.fashion [AT] gmail.com 
Squareroot5 Size Chart
 If your size is slightly different to the measurements provided in the Table, please send us a message with your precise measurements at the time of placing the order. We shall do our best to accommodate your individuality. If we require additional information, we shall contact you as soon as we can.
If you have any doubts or concerns, or if you want more detailed help, email the following information (& a photo if you feel it may be helpful) to squareroot5.fashion [AT] gmail.com 
  • height
  • weight
  • chest (measured at the fullest (female) part)
  • waist (measured at the belly-button line)
  • hips (measured at the widest point, not just at your hips)
  • age